library blogs

Youth Services Corner

Since spring 2009, I have been writing about library services and literature for teens and tweens. The site is a custom Wordpress theme that I created.

Libraries in Pop Culture

A tumblr where I collect various manifestations of libraries and librarians in books, movies, TV, music, art, etc.

Teen Services Underground

I am part of a team of librarians who started and contribute content to Teen Services Underground, a blog about teen library services.


Academic Libraries

Final Paper—Designing Libraries for Undergraduate Learning and Collaboration: I looked at the historical evolution of the academic library building and its provisions for students and examined why and how libraries today are designing spaces to cater to undergraduates.

Children's Services

Collection Development

Evaluated the newly created graphic novels collection at UCLA's College Library and created a collection assessment and a collection development plan.

Contemporary Children's Literature

Evaluated and selected ten children's picture books about penguins for a bibliography.

Information Access

Created a Virtual Reference Desk with links to online versions of traditional reference resources

Information Architecture

Developed a set of recommendations for content presentation on the UCLA YouTube channel for the UCLA Office of Integrated Communication. Recommendations were based on comparative analysis of other schools' sites and prospective user testing.

Information Literacy Instruction

Created an instruction program for 10th graders to learn web research skills.

Information Structure

Wrote papers evaluating the effectiveness of Google Book Search and the UCLA Library Catalog.

Used ContentDM to create a visual inventory of the UCLA Botanical Garden.

Information Technology

Evaluated the possibility of implementing a social library catalog for an imagined mid-sized public library including in depth looks at their architecture, design, and availability. Final report.

Young Adult Literature

Wrote a paper about the use of popular music references in contemporary young adult literature